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ILMEG accessories are specially developed for the rock drilling industry to improve productivity and ensure long economical life.

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Angle Reading Instrument

For improved precision and increased productivity.
Heavy-duty angle indicator for surface drilling rigs without cabin. Measures the feed-angle from the vertical line, forward/backward and left/right ±20°.







Cuttings Collectors

A range of cuttings collectors, dust suction nozzles, specially designed for lowest dust emission and maximum productivity in surface drilling appplications.

Cuttings Collector System for underground tunnelling and mining, CCS-U-160

Robust system deigned for optimal collection of dust in undeground use.

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A range of pre-separators for improved productivity in extreme drilling conditions.

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ILMEG Dust Buster,

Bag Handling System

BHS 100

Designed for improved productivity, improved working conditions and cleaner environment in the construction and mining industry.




ILMEG Silencer,

Silencer for dust collectors
Heavy duty silencer t reduce noise levels.





Sample Collector System
Heavy duty cuttings and dust sample collector system, for in line use in rock drilling applications.

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Mounting Bracket
Mounting brackets for dust collectors for easy and quick installation.


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