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ILMEG provides high quality products with regards to dust cleaning, exhaust cleaning and quality rock drilling. The company was founded 1971, based on a patent related to a dust collector system for rock drilling machines.

"Product development that adds value to our customers, is the key to our success. Innovations, representing quantum leaps when it comes to technical solutions, in combination with improvements on existing technologies form the base for our product development strategies" says Magnus Eriksson, President ILMEG Products AB

The recent launch of the Dry Drilling Dust Control System for underground use utilizes fully the benefits with the robust and compact design of the ILMEG products. The new cuttings collector, to be mounted in front of the drill feed, is specially designed for underground use.


Magnus Eriksson, President


IILMEG is a well known brand name in the construction and mining industry and our products and services are known to be of highest quality.



Quality & Environmental Assurance

Dry Drilling Dust Control System for underground use

"We focus our efforts to develop our core competence and we want to be seen as the partner for all our customers, when it comes to environmental solutions in the construction and mining industry around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time should you have an environmentally related project to find a solution to" Magnus continues.

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