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Precision Drilling Instruments for Increased Accuracy in Rock Drilling Applications


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Mec Angie

Heavy-duty angle indicator for surface drilling rigs.

Measures the feed-angle from the vertical line, forward/backward and left/right ±20°.








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TRANSTRONIC Inklinator CMI is a versatile precision drilling instrument for bench drilling applications. This new system is based on the CAN technology for data communication between the system modules.

The robust CAN technology is an industry standard and provides benefits such as easy to mount, easy to calibrate and easy to service. The system is available in different versions and built on modular base components.




TRANSTRONIC Inklinator GPS Compass

The TRANSTRONIC Inclinator GPS Compass uses sattellites to determine the direction fo the drilling rig.



TRANSTRONIC Inklinator GPS Level system

TheTRANSTRONIC Inclinator GPS Level system measures the height of the collaring point.


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