Dust Control Control Solutions for the Construction and Mining Industry


The ILMEG MACRO fully pneumatic dust collectors are used in rock drilling and breaking applications carried out with pneumatic equipment to improve productivity and improve the working conditions with regards to dust. The MACRO is specially designed for rough conditions in combination with excellent mobility due to the low weight. The filter cleansing function is carried out with reversed air. ILMEG dust collectors are continuously improved and built of high quality components to ensure long, safe and economical operation.
Max hole size: 2 x 38 mm (1 1/2")
Filter area: 3.6 m2
Air consumption: 1.7 m3 / min
Air pressure: 7 BAR
Width x depth x height: 362x458x1230 mm
Approx weight: 45 Kg
Filter cleansing system: Reversed air
Suction hose: 2 x 10 m (2” )
Cuttings collector: 2 x ICC 10
Hose swivel: 2 x 2”

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Designed for tough work

The cuttings collector is specially designed for tough work ensuring that the dust is reduced to a minimum at the operator’s position. Close to the cuttings collector the hose is equipped with a swivel to safeguard that the cuttings collector can rotate to keep the cuttings collector always close to the ground.

Latest technology

MACRO is equipped with the latest technology when it comes to filter cleansing system. A valve positioned on top, manually operated, reverse the airflow through the filters to make sure that the suction capacity is maximal over a long time.

Light weight

The compact design makes the MACRO light weight and easy to move and carry. During use the MACRO is positioned on a sturdy stand which allows easy access for changing the plastic bag which collects the rock cuttings and dust.
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